Monday, 10 May 2010

Film Trailer evaluation

Above is the link to the scribd document of the evealuation of my groups film opening. In order for this evaluation to be easier on us, we decided to do a collective evaluation with each of us making a seperate contribution. The parts I contributed to the presentation were the How did you did you attract/address audiences and the What have I learn't slides.

Monday, 22 March 2010

Final Cut of Film Opening

Above is the link to the final cut of my groups film opening. It is an improvement and an upgrade from our groups first attempt, because in this cut we have input all of the advice that our teacher gave us in regards to how it could be better.

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

The First cut of our Film opening

Above is the first draft of our groups film opening including all the editing that we have put in. Becuase this is only our first draft we have the time to add or change certain aspects of it in order to improve it. After discussing it with our teacher he gave us some advice on the things that could be improved such as.....

The length in time of the whole opening
Adding music
Adding a logo
shortening some of our scenes

We intend on inputing all of this advice into our film opening as it will improve and could increase our final grade for the whole project.

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Filming of the Last Scene

During our last filming session we filmed the scene where two of the characters are falling asleep while preparing for the documentary filming. First, we started by looking for an area to film in. At first we thought the common room would be a good area to film in but when eventually got there, we found that there were people sitting in there already and we felt this would be a distraction to our filming process, so we found an empty classroom and decided to film in there. In this scene we would see the two characters doing research work for the filming of their documentary, which would then lead to a dream sequence where one of the characters has a nighmare about being chased by a murdurer while the group are filming. This scene was quite easy to film but we did have to time in seconds how long it should take for the character to slowly fall asleep in order for the scene to look more effective and convinving. After this we decided to film the part where the character wakes himself up from the dream. Again this was quite an easy scene to film but like the last scene it had to be timed so it looked more realistic and effective. But in the end it came out very well.

Re-Filming corridor scene

Since my last blog post, we decided to re-film the scene of the characters running through the corridors from murderer. We decided to do this because we had made the decision to change one of the roles of the characters so they had to be out of this scene. Therefore, we had to re-record this scene without one of the characters in it so that our opening would make more sense to the audience. This scene was fairly easy to film because we had done it before and knew what we would want from it. At first we did a few practices of the scene, so that the characters would know what had to be done. Then we decided to record, which took a few takes at first but came out good in the end. Overall the scene came out very well, and appeared to be effective in its purpose.

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Second Day of Filming

On the 16th December me and my group went on location to St. Giles Church for the second day of the filming for our film opening. Firstly, before we began walking down to the church (which is situated fairly locally from our school), we decided that it would best if I phoned the church parish office too ask for their permission to use their grounds for the filming of our project.

When we got to the church, we spoke to the church parish office again to let them we had arrived. From there we went and searched for a good place to begin filming. After looking around the location, we found a good secluded corner with loads of bush and leaf area which we felt would be a suitable area to use. Once we found our filming area we began to think about what we intended on filming. After discussing a few ideas and referring to the storyboards that I had written, we decided to add an extra scene to the storyboard I intially written. When I wrote the storyboards for the opening, I origninally decided that there would be no diologue and the opening itself would be of a sequence of events that would come in short flashes, almost like a vision that you may see in a horror or sci-fi film. However, another member of the group suggested that we should add a scene where we see the characters are actually preparing to record the documentary, so the audience would get more of a firm understanding of what the films about. Then, when the characters begin recording, they see the muderer and from there the sequences of flashes that I had written in storyline would begin. Once we all decided that this idea would be an effective input to our opening ,we did a few rehearsals of the scene, so that the members of the group who are actually in the opening would know the structure of the scene and what they are going to say. Recording this particular scene was more difficult than our first filming session because we didn't really have much to work by because we decided to add this scene at the last minute and we had not written no script. However in the end we came out with a good and effective recording.

Once we had recorded this scene we thought that it would be a good idea if did a shot from the point of view of the muderer creeping up behind the characters while they are preparing and recording the documentary, so we did a hand held shot from the view of the murder. When we begin editing our footage we will be able to alter it so that the view point the audience sees can be switched between the characters in the documentary and murderers the hand held shot.

The next scene that we began recording was another hand held shot scene where the characters are running through the graveyard trying to get away from the murder that they had just encountered. For this scene all we had to decide on was the character who would hold the camera while running and where the characters will start running and where they would finish. The person holding the camera had to make sure that he was breathing heavily in order to add to the fast paced and paniking atmosphere of the scene. For this scene we did two takes so we could have a choice of two recordings that we could use when it comes too editing all of our filming. The two recording of these scenes came out very well and looked very effective in their purpose. It also looked similar to my intial ideas of how I wanted this scene too look like while I was writing the storyboards.

First Day of Filming

On the 14th December we began our first day of filming for our film opening. Prior to this lesson we decided that we would begin filming scenes that are on the school grounds first, as they are more accessible and would be easier to film. For this project I have taken on the role of director. I felt that I would be good in this role because I can naturally take on the leadership role in my group when I need to. Also, because I wrote the plot and the storyboards for the opening, I wanted to have a greater control on how the scenes looked and how in line they were with my initial vision for how I intended for them to look while I was writing them, rather than actually being in the opening myself.

The first scene we decided to film was the scene where the main characters are running away from the murder that they came across while filming a documentary at the graveyard in St Giles Church. Once we found a good corridor where we were less likely going to be distracted, we started thinking about what we were actually going to do in this scene. After thinking about it, we decided that we would do a continuity shot, where the characters would run through the corridor and then we would record them running through the door of corridor and then turning around the corner. Then the next shot we would record would be of the characters running round the corner again then running through another set of doors which would lead to another set of locked doors that would take them outside. We did a few practises of both shots first, in order to see if they would look right and so the people in my group who were acting in the opening knew what they were doing so there would less likely be any mistakes when we actually begin recording. Overall the final recordings that we came out with looked very effective. However I felt that because of the lack of focus of some in the group, these scenes which are fairly simple took much longer to do than needed and we could've got much more done in the time that we had.